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VRLIVE and All Mobile Video Team to Bring the Ultimate Immersive Video Production Experience

NAB BOOTH #N721VR, #N302VR – VRLIVE and All Mobile Video (AMV) today announced a very exciting partnership, bringing the most advanced and highest quality full workflow for 360º VR broadcast to the industry.

AMV has always been committed to its clients to remain forward-thinking and develop future-proof workflows that both stand the test of time and bring some of the world’s largest and most iconic events to life. The partnership combines VRLIVE’s expertise in 360 broadcast production and AMV’s strength in producing live broadcast events to bring the VR video component to the forefront of the creative process and in turn, the earliest stages of the production lifecycle.

“To this point, VR integration within live events has mostly been an afterthought, which can definitely impact the end-user experience,” stated Eric Duke, president at AMV. “VRLIVE is the leading VR production company that is making tremendous strides in innovating the market. This partnership will be the key component to providing viewing audiences with a truly immersive experience.”

“All Mobile Video has a 30-year history of utilizing state-of-the-art broadcasting technologies. We are proud to align with AMV and provide the most advanced solution for 360º live-broadcast,” stated Dann Saxton, Head of Content at VRLIVE. “By joining forces, we are setting a new standard of video production and workflow, especially as VR continues to explode into the marketplace,”

VRLIVE and AMV’s first workflow execution was featured in one of the most talked about short films that debuted during Super Bowl LI. In partnership with Hyundai, Film 45, and director Peter Berg, three families were invited to enjoy the game in a stadium suite in Houston. Each family had its own dedicated VRLIVE 360º broadcast system. AMV and VRLIVE sent the live broadcast transmission to a US Army base in Poland, surprising the family’s service members. The endeavor joined these families virtually and allowed them to enjoy the game together.

For more information and to view the behind-the-scenes footage of the making of the Super Bowl short film, go to: or to view the Hyundai Super Bowl LI commercial, go to: