Envivo Studio & Replay

Model: Studio & Replay

Brand: Envivo


Envivo Studio is a flexible solution which offers still store, spot box replay, clip playback, slow-motion and a live switcher with internal multi-layered keyers. Multiple outputs allow live & clip playback feeds to drive synchronized or independent projection screens or transmission destinations.

Envivo Replay is a six in/two out HD server offering a simple touch screen user interface, an intuitive hardware controller and up to 4x slo-mo capability.

  • Touch Screen User Interface
  • Integrated Social Media Publishing
  • Built-in Branding
  • Import/export from USB or NAS
  • 24/7 Feed Record
  • Dante Audio In and Out
  • NDI In and Out
  • 8ch – 2RU Server
  • Optional Slow-motion Controller
  • License Features as Needed
  • Built-in Audio Monitoring
  • 24hr Loop Record 6-in/2-out
  • 24p, 23.98, 720p, 1080i, 1080p,
  • 3X or 4X Super Slow-mo




Tom D’Angelo (NY)
Kimberly Scholter (CA)