Canon HJ15ex8.5BKRSE-V

Model: HJ15ex8.5BKRSE-V

Brand: Canon


Canon’s HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V stabilized HD zoom lens is ideally suited for diverse and challenging outdoor shooting situations because it can stabilize a wide range of vibration frequencies. Examples range from the low-frequency vibrations encountered on a camera operator’s shoulder in a jostling crowd situation, to tripod-mounted operation on shaky platforms, to the higher-frequency vibration that cameras are subject to when operated inside TV news helicopters, motor vehicles, motorbikes, and boats. The lens provides four selectable stabilization modes to allow operators to optimize the degree of correction under diverse, and sometimes unique, shooting conditions.

Also available (Optionally):

Canon FPM420D Servo Focus Module

Product Category ENG Lens
Object Image Format 2/3 Inch 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Object Image size  9.59 mm (H) x 5.39 mm (V)
Zoom Ratio 15x
Focal Length Range 8.5-128mm
Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) 1:2.5 at 8.5mm-86.0mm 1:4.7 at 128mm (Ramping Characteristic)
1:4.7 at 128mm (Ramping Characteristic)  0.8 Meter (10mm with Macro)
MOD From Front of Lens 0.8 Meter (10mm with Macro)

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD

Width 6.7in (170.2mm)
Height 4.7in (119.1mm)
Length 9.4in (239.1mm)
Weight  4.37lbs (1.99kg)


Tom D’Angelo (NY)
Kimberly Scholter (CA)