Mixers, Recorders, Playback

Analog Mixers

Shure FP33 3x2 portable stereo ENG mixer
Sound Devices 442 Portable 4-Channel Field Mixer ENG mixer
Mackie 1604VLZ 16 x 4 audio console

Digital Mixers

Sony DMXP01 Portable Mixer
Portable lightweight digital mixer. The unit has 32-bit, full digital sound processing and its unique Scene store - recall feature enables users to instantly recall up to ten different mixer user-snapshots. Four analog inputs. Two analog outputs. Two AES outputs.
Yamaha DM2000 digital audio console
Calrec Zeta digital audio console
Graham Patten D/ESAM 200 digital audio mixer

Recorders & Playback

Digicart II
Digicart II w/RC205 keyboard & RC220 remote
Instant Replay 1000 cue sampler
Short Cut 2 channel 2 hour HD digital editing system
Tascam CD-RW2000 Professional CD recorder / player
Tascam DA98HR 8 track 24 bit digital audio recorder
Tascam DA98 8 track digital audio recorder
Tascam DA88 8 track digital audio recorder w/SY88 sync card
Sony PCM7030 / PCM7040 DAT w/TC

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