Standards & Practices Audio / Video Delay

Recently the need for broadcasters to maintain control over their live on-air content has been underscored. Producers of live content programming require a cost-effective way of protecting the production and licensees from standards and practices violations or worse federally mandated fines. The Prime Image Pipeline is a cost effective way to maintain control over your on-air content via a variable 1-10 second audio video delay which can easily be set-up at Master control, in the studio, or at a remote location.

Prime Image D1 Pipeline Audio / Video Delay
  • 0-10 seconds of delay in increments of one frame
  • SDI Video I/O (1-input, 2 outputs)
  • AES/EBU or Analog audio I/O. Four primary audio inputs, four aux audio inputs, four audio outputs
  • 525/29.97 (NTSC) or 625/25 (PAL) switchable
  • Upon trigger, offensive audio may be muted or switched to an aux input
  • Upon trigger, offensive video may be frozen or switched to an aux input
  • Audio delay can be equal to video (plus or minus an offset) or be independently adjustable
  • $800
    Prime Image HD/SD Pipeline Audio / Video Delay
  • Up to 39-seconds SD delay
  • Up to 6-seconds HD delay
  • 10-bit video processing
  • Primary and auxiliary/alternate video inputs
  • 24-bit audio processing
  • AES/EBU audio, digital or analog
  • 4 auxiliary/alternate audio inputs
  • Audio can be switched with or independent of video

  • $1,500

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